When Missing Turns to Murder (Edit Producer)

Forensics: Catching The Killer (Edit Producer)

Secrets of The Lost Liners – S1 (Co-producer)

Secrets of The Lost Liners – S2 (Producer / Director)

Don’t Tell The Bride  ( Shooting PD & edit)

Adult Lives: Did You Get His Number?  (Shooting)

Yianni: Supercar Customiser   (Edit Producing)

Choccywoccydoodar   (Shooting)

Sex On The High Street   (Shooting PD & edit)

The Sex Women Want  (Shooting PD & edit)

Bob Downe all Over Britain  (PD crew & edit)

Sun, Sea & Selling Houses (Shooting PD)

Selling Houses With Amanda Lamb  (PD crew & edit)

Double Your House For Half The Money  (Shooting PD / Crew & edit)

Phil Spencer: Secret Agent  (Shooting PD & edit)

The Secret Removers  (Shooting PD & edit)

A Place by The Sea  (PD crew)

Drugs Uncovered  (Shooting)

Secrets of Your Supermarket Shop (Edit Producing)

All Inclusive: How They Do It (Edit Producing)

Cruising With Jane Mc Donald  (Edit Producing)

Don’t Tell The Doctor  (Edit Producing)

Carry On Caravanning  (Shooting PD)

Britain’s Horror Homes  (Shooting PD)

30 Greatest Disaster Movies  (Edit Producing)

Make Me a Super Model  (Shooting PD)

A Girls Guide to 21st Century Sex  (PD crew & edit)

Daniela Westbrook: My Nose & Me  (Shooting)

Geordie Shore: Why Aye Love You  (Edit Producing)

Geordie Shore: Series 2  (PD crew & edit)

MTV News, Canada  (Shooting)

Ghosts Trapped Underground (Edit Producer)

Off The Rails  (Shooting PD & edit)

Amazing Conversions  (Shooting PD & edit)

Real Boxing  (Shooting PD & edit)

Test Drive  (PD crew & edit)

Animal Fight Night  (Edit Producing)

Friends: The One After They Were Famous  (PD crew & edit)

Chained  (Shooting)

The Unofficial World Records of Sex  (PD crew & edit)

The A-Z of Star Trek  (PD crew)

Pink 60 Plus  (PD shooting & edit)

Missing Millions  (Shooting)

Mummy Diaries   (Edit Producing)

The Naked Office  (Shooting PD & edit)

Tom Bakers Ultimate Sci-Fi Quiz  (PD crew & edit)