Dirt Bent Bastards, a dark, twisted and outrageous parody that isn’t afraid to stick its finger up the ass of the Guy Ritchie gangster movie genre.

The film is the fourth commercial short from award winner writer, producer, director Max Barber. His previous shorts, A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Funeral, VGL-Hung! (represented by The British Council) & Homoworld, have toured the international film festival circuit and been broadcast through TV and cable through distributors Outa Media in North America and Peccadillo Pictures in Europe.

Dirty Bent Bastards is his 2nd co-production with an adult entertainment studio; a resourceful and radical approach to producing independent short film whereby Max writes and produces his project around the infrastructure, cast, crew and locations already employed by the filming of an R18 film. Using many well known faces in the world of gay porn in supporting roles, Max brings in professional script editors and actors for leading roles with which to construct a piece of narrative fiction - only loosely based on the R18 version - and tailored at a much more commercial market in term of content. His films look to tap into popular subjects and genre but exploring sexual and political themes that lean towards LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) and liberal minded audiences who like philosophical ideas served up on a humorous and quirky plate.