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Naughty Kevin Grave robber Into the woods
Kevin's dispair To the rescue Try picking it
I just have Scandal in the church Wesley the bum


Behind the Scene Shots

Director Max shooting back towards the shore. The only way to get most of the lake shots was to actually put on waders and get out there with the camera. There were two coffins for the film: a stunt coffin for the lake and a practical coffin for the funeral scene, no one seems to have ever commented that the coffin seems to be decidedly light in the waters considering its supposed to have a body in it.

This will probably be the only time in his life director Max gets to drive a Porsche with a leggy blonde at his side. Actor Stephen chance was one of only two people seen for the role as the mysterious cross dresser. Stephen had played a transsexual before in the theatre and suited the role perfectly. Originally Max had envisioned Georgina as a much more tarty Essex Girl, but make-up and costume designer, Lorenzo Rosi devised this much more glamorous 1970’s retro look.

In charge of lighting was Pete Carrier, but here he helps set up a mini jib arm for a master shot in the church that was never used in the movie. Using hi-definition cameras, rather than expensive film, means you can quickly shoot lots of coverage to give your editor many choices for cutting, this shot was never used as there was such a variety of other angles to open the scene in the church.
In a scene cut from the film to save running time, Kevin’s spooky and seemingly un-dead boss apprehends Kevin for his ‘appalling time keeping’ and also reveals that today’s funeral is an ‘apparent suicide’. However this information is relayed to us in other scenes so it was felt that information was unnecessarily repeated – hence the scene was dropped.
Assistant Director Michael Scanlon manages the location while sound crew, Victor Greetham and Mike Hill test for sound prior to shooting. It was the first time actor Stephen Chance had driven a car for years, yet alone a high performance Porsche – needless to say he was shaken but relieved to get off the motor way and into the woods for this scene.
Lorenzo Rosi was not only in charge of make up and costume, but also props and a lot of the production design elements – on low budget films crew often have to double up on jobs. Here he works on Dean Armstrong who plays the part of Harry. Behind is Mandy Holliday who plays his illicit lover in the film. In reality they are actually married and with two children.
Assistant director, Michael Scanlon directs one of the younger extras who in real life is the young daughter of Mandy Holliday and Dean Armstrong who play Hillary & Harry. Other extras are locals from the village of Bulphan and director Max’s family.
Director Max, gives his main star, Tony De Grasse directions prior to shooting. As well as being a stand up comedian & theatre actor, Tony also runs a building company which his how he and Max met after Tony fitted his bathroom for him. It’s always difficult to direct stage actors onto the screen as their larger than life theatrical movement and expressions must be toned down to more subtle and subconscious performances where the camera catches the slightest twitch in the eye.
Alexander James Simon takes direction for his close ups which were shot down a quite side road in South Bermondsey in London – mainly for sound purposes. The wide shots were shot on a busy main road elsewhere as the character, Wesley, is supposed to be sitting at a busy bus stop – the trouble was finding a matching brick wall for the background in order that the wides and close ups would cut seamlessly cut together.

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