Anna - Lindsey Chapman
Robert - Benjamin Green
Maria - Ximena Garcia Vera
Liz - Rachael Black
Consultant - Sara Cole
Gas Man – Curtis Enwefah
Catherine – Catherine Butler
Pregnant lesbian - Shavonne Stevenson
Pregnant lesbian’s partner - Seja Patel
Lesbian in clinic - Kathy McKean
Lesbian neighbours - Zoe K.Hunter and Eks
Straight man on train – Jens Bezuidenhout
Lesbians on train – Monique Malwah and Angela Byrne
Straight couple - Amanda O'Donovan and Miles Openshaw


Written, Produced and Directed by Max Barber
Based on a short story by Catherine Butler
Executive Producers - Neil Rees and Catherine Butler
Co- Producer – Gary Holding
Director of Photography / Camera Operator - Craig Birt
Production Designer - Eks Singh
Costume and Make-up - Lorenzo Rosi
Sound - Jeffrey Daniel Owusu
Edited by – Richarch Wolf
Sound Design – Tim Harrison
On-Line Editor and Colourist  – Monica Rubio
Film Score – Dmitry Kormann
Script Consultant – Simon Harper
Grip / Lighting - Adam Moore
Graphics and Design – Peter Turnbull
Web design – G Design Limited